#5 Ranked FASTCAT Dogo Argentino of All Time(as of 9/22)

  HIPS +/+    BAER +/+    EYES +/+     CARDIAC Normal

Zaida de La Historia is the second pure bred Dogo Argentino to receive the title BCAT for running the FASTCAT lure "drag race".  Ranked 5 out of both sexes and one of the First 4 Dogos(all La Historia) to achieve the ATT title. Temperament tested, Performance tested, and Health tested, she is sure to produce the next generation of top quality Dogo Argentino.

Daughter of the full time hunting pair Cisco de La Historia and Josette de La Historia. Zaida is 5th generation off of La Historia foundations.  We enjoy continuing on and seeing what our bloodline can produce with line breedings and outcrosses.

Zaida de La Historia ATT BCAT

Cisco de La Historia   x   Josette de La Historia