Belcalis De la Historia


​Nieta de la historia   

monstruoso, shina and astuto De la Historia

SHINA and josette de La Historia

Monstruoso de La Historia

following in his father Suavementes  footsteps.

Gary Gross, Gonzalo Bilo ( son of legendary Amadeo Bilo), Josh Faulkner and Monster


Predador de la historia   

La Historia Dogo

Monstruoso de La Historia

and Gary Gross

CH Onika de La Historia and CH Mariposa de La Historia

Reminisce de La Historia                                 Castigador Grande de La Historia

SHINA and josette de La Historia

Gary Gross, Josh Faulkner and Shina representing La Historia Dogo in our First Hunting Tournamment which we placed 4th by time and 3rd by size to my estimation

​Blanche, Babette, Monster and Shina in our first Tournament

Suavemente de La Historia

CH Onika de La Historia and Tino de La Historia

mARIAH , Tornada, josette and cisco De la Historia

                     Hades de la historia

hunting with Dogos

The essence of the Dogo Argentino is to be the complete big game hunting dog.  In our efforts to maintain the qualities that Antonio Nores Martinez desired to ingrain, we hunt our Dogos as the find and catch dogs.  They are the true Perro de Presa(Predatory Dog).  We enjoy watching our Dogos work a field, and the determintation that they exhibit when facing a formidable opponent.  We are not against hunting with other breeds of dog, but for us, we hunt only for the benefit of the breed and our breeding program so we only use Dogos.  We take great pride that we exhibit Dogo Argentinos at shows, who have proven to have an instinct consistent with their heritage. 

Euk.Nat/Int ch comanche de la historia

INT/DACA CH El guapo de la historia int CH/akc cm pirata de la historia

akc/int cm ch pirata de la historia am ch nevada de los medanos       am ch bravucon de la historia

Pirata bottom left, Bravucon bottom right, Nevada Top center(owned by Daryl Parks).

The total package

form and function coexisting